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פורום המרצות והמרצים למשפטים למען הדמוקרטיה

منتدى محاضري القانون من أجل الديمقراطية

The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy

פורום המרצות והמרצים למשפטים למען הדמוקרטיה

منتدى محاضري القانون من أجل الديمقراطية

The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy

The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy – Reflection on the Past Months

עודכן: 4 באוק׳ 2023

Heading towards another parliament session starting right after the Jewish holidays in October, we wanted to take a pause and reflect on the past months of our activities as the Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy. We would like to share our story with you and encourage you to join us in our vital fight for democracy.

The Israeli Law Professors’ Forum for Democracy was established in January 2023 in response to the Israeli Justice Minister’s proposed “Legal Reform,” which aimed to make fundamental changes in the Israeli democratic regime. These changes included drastic changes to the judges’ selection committee, almost total abolishment of constitutional review of legislation and basic laws, and narrowing the scope of administrative judicial review. Additionally, the Justice Minister expressed intentions to diminish the independence of the Attorney General, allowing the government and ministers to determine their legal position in day-to-day operations and before judicial courts without the Attorney General’s intervention.

Since its founding, the Forum has been at the forefront of the struggle to preserve Israeli democracy. Over 150 permanent faculty members from all law faculties and schools in Israel have passionately dedicated their time to explain the proposed legal changes and their implications. We reached out to Members of the Knesset, utilized various media platforms (including TV, radio, social media and podcasts), engaged with public officials, and interacted with the general public, including through demonstrations, home gatherings, and many more. The government's attempts to undermine the rule of law and judicial independence have spurred the Forum to make complicated legal arguments accessible, becoming a significant pillar in the growing public demand to halt the regime revolution.

The Forum stands as an example of activist academia dedicated to democracy. Comprising independent and non-affiliated experts in Israeli law, especially public law, the Forum members work collaboratively and pro bono. Their efforts have resulted in the creation of dozens of position papers and texts on various topical issues.

The attached document serves as a comprehensive summary of all the position papers published by the Forum to date. The full position papers in Hebrew, along with a selection of papers in English, can be accessed on our website:

The position papers are divided into seven categories:

A) What are they Doing? Analyzing the Regime Changes

B) Why are they Doing it? Examining the Arguments in Support of the Changes

C) What is the Proper Way to Make Changes? How to Build a Constitution

D) What is Done in other Countries? Comparative Perspectives

E) What will the Changes Do to Us? Examining Expected Consequences

F) What else are they Doing? Additional Legislative Changes Initiated by the Government

G) What Should We Do? Possible Responses

2023 Retrospective
Download PDF • 208KB

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